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Mrs. Body Butter

Includes: 2.oz Cedarwood Beard Balm Butter, 2.7 Cedarwood Beard Oil, 1 oz. Black Soap Beard Wash Beard Comb Wooden Beard Brush Stainless Steel Scissors & storage bag,

GNH Coco Mango Shea Body Butter

Handmade natural skin moisturizer that is excellent for dry skin, acne, dark spots, and much more. *not recommended for open wounds*

GNH Coco Mango Shea Body Butter​ 6 .oz

GNH Island Body Butter &  GNH Body Scrub

GNH Island Body Butter, Rich, Shea Butter that provides deep hydration on the entire body that absorbs quickly and locks in moisture, smooths marks, and scars.

 GNH Island Body Sugar Scrub, Gently scrub over clean skin after showering and then rise off. Formulated with raw sugar to exfoliate and polish skin while locking in moisture and softening skin.

100% Shea Butter, Brown and raw sugars, almond, cocoa, and coconut oils, Chamomille, Honey, and vitamin-E .       *not recommended for open wounds*                                                                

Island Butter 8oz
Island Butter Scrub 8oz


GNH Mint Lovers (Bedtime) Body Butter & GNH Mint Lover Body Scrub

GNH Mint Lover (Bedtime)Body Buttermassage blends of essential oils into the skin leaving a clear mind, the release of stress, and rejuvenate eucalyptus with a refreshing aroma. Excellent for soothing and relieving dry, rough skin. 

GNH Mint Lovers Sugar Scrub, scrub gently over clean skin, gently exfoliates dead skin cells while moisturizing, leaving smooth, radiant, polished skin.

*not recommended for open wounds*

Summer's Must Have

GNH Island Body Oil 

Penetrating Natural Oils Blend to help promote dryness.

Massage blends of essential oils into the skin locking in moisture, smooths marks and scars

*not recommended for open wounds*

Coconut, Almond Oils, Coco, Shea Butters and Vitamin E

GNH Island Butter Body Oil 5 oz.